Creating a great kitchen environment is all about combining your desired style with excellent, functional equipment. Raising out of the kitchen counter, your main tap draws the eye as soon as you enter. Often created in a contemporary aesthetic, you may think all your kitchen tap can do is give cold or hot water. 

However, with the range of premium taps from Caple, there are so many options for your home. Here at Boston Electrical Services we’ve run through the various types of tap you can install in your kitchen, helping you make the perfect choice when upgrading your set up.


3 in 1 Steaming Water Taps

Standing around waiting for the kettle to boil can be a bore, and not just when making a cup of tea. When cooking at home, foods such as pasta that requires boiling water either sit soaking in cold water on the hob awaiting heat or you wait for the kettle. 

A steaming water tap can cut out the waiting time and give you near-boiling water on demand. With an impressive 2.4 litre capacity kept on hand at any one time, there is enough water to make 100 cups of tea an hour! Finished in solid stainless steel, this Caple tap inserts itself seamlessly into any contemporary space. 

For the safest possible use, operating the steaming water function requires a combination of realising and inlocking the safety feature of the hot tap. Water is only released when the lever is pushed back when unlocked, ensuring no steaming water can be released without your full attention. 


Pull-out Taps 

Giving much-needed flexibility in the kitchen, a pull-out tap is a perfect choice for those without dishwashers who generate plenty of washing up. When washing pots and pans with built-up grime, the ability to blast the food directly with the tap is a handy timesaver. In addition, when filling up larger pots with cold water you can fill directly from the hob, eliminating precarious moving around of pans full of water!

When it comes to the design of your pull-out tap Caple has a range to suit any kitchen style. Those that want the clever feature to be apparent can select a model that shows the tell-tale coiled spring support you see in restaurant kitchens. For a more discreet aesthetic Caple has also created taps with a more contemporary look, these look as and feel just as modern as a standard tap but still retain the same functionality. 

For maximum ease of use, many of these models also incorporate a push-button system. This means you can add water without having to reach across to the basin to turn on the water flow. 


Puriti Filter Taps

Drinking water is essential, and for those looking to stay hydrated throughout the day, it’s always a big help when the water from your tap tastes great. With a Puriti Filter tap, all your cold water runs through multiple filters including activated carbon. This produces crisp and delicious water that is removed of all impurities. 

Good for over 600 litres of filtered water, this handy feature never inconveniences you. Finishes available for this Caple line, include more traditional stainless steel, to modern looks to suit your kitchen including copper and matte black.   


To learn more about the Caple tap range, visit Boston Electrical Services online or in-store. If you want more details on our local service for the Boston area, visit our Caple Taps Range for more information.