The C2220 built-in single fan oven from Caple is designed to fit under a worktop or can be fitted in a tall unit at eye level. It is part of the classic range which is a range of high performing appliances with a host of standard and optional features. The ovens are classically designed in stainless steel and sheer black glass. You will find fully programmable electronic timers and cool-touch doors which will prevent you or your little ones from burning their fingers on the door whilst the oven is on.

Innovative Control



One of the stand out features from the C2220 Oven is MotionHeat+. This function allows hot air to be distributed evenly around the oven cavity and the temperature to reach the desired temperature quickly. With the C2220 Oven, you will no longer have to preheat the oven, saving you a lot of time and energy. This feature is absolutely perfect for multi-level cooking without the flavours transferring, giving you even results. 

There are 5 functions that are featured in the model including light, defrost, fan heat, full grill and turbo grill. These functions make finding your way around the oven’s functions a lot easier and very helpful. The panel on the front of the oven always keeps you in the know with the time and temperature displayed on view, so you can keep track of your cooking until it is perfect.

Post Cooking 



The C2220 Oven comes equipped with easy to clean enamel interior, you will no longer have to spend a lot of time and energy scrubbing away at your oven’s interior. The enamel lining makes it easier for dirt and grease to stick to the surface. It is worth keeping on top of this to keep the food build-up at a minimum, keeping your oven spotless at all times.


Energy Efficiency 


The C2220 built-in single fan oven from Caple has an impressive A energy rating, to help provide professional cooking results with little to no energy wasted. A high energy rating will also ensure that your bills are at a minimum whilst still cooking your favourite meals each evening. 

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