Whether you're a keen host or are wanting to preserve your collection of wines, the WC6410 in-column single zone wine cabinet will create the optimum storage condition for your wine, with the correct temperature, correct humidity and the right air circulation. With a generous 22 bottle capacity, spread across 4 dark wooden shelves, the WC6410 will be perfect for any wine lover.


A Sleek Look

The WC6410 is sophisticated in design. With a black cabinet interior and exterior and dark wooden shelves, it's sure to bring a chic wine cellar environment and blend seamlessly into any modern kitchen aesthetic. The door is also made from toughened UV protected glass, making it a hardwearing and protective storage space. The interior of the cabinet is also lit with a stylish UV/heat-free white LED lighting, which clearly displays your wine, yet doesn't affect the quality of the wine stored. What's more, the black gloss door is also reversible.

The top shelves of the cabinet slide out smoothly for easy access to bottles and there's also an extra shelf at the base to allow for maximum storage space.


Energy Saving

The WC6410 also has excellent energy efficiency capabilities. It's rated with an A for energy efficiency, with a 139kWh/yr energy consumption. Also, this wine cabinet also uses atmosphere friendly refrigerant chemicals which are 100% CFC and HFC free, allowing you to enjoy your wine whilst also feeling good about saving both money on your monthly bills and the environment.


Advanced Technology

The WC6410 Wine Cabinet also comes with a great range of advanced features to provide the best possible environment for your wine to mature and be preserved. No-frost compressor cooling technology maintains a consistent temperature and fans will circulate cool air to ensure even temperature distribution at a set temperature between 5 and 18 degrees celsius. The cabinet also uses low vibration technology to minimise disturbance to the wine.

Impressively, the WC6410 is so sensitive when it comes to the temperature at which the wine is stored, that it will sound an alarm should the temperature rise above 23 degrees celsius. This is an excellent feature for those who are into their wines, to make sure they’re kept at their best.

The advanced WC6410 is an excellent choice for any wine lover with a passion for great design and innovative technology. As a kitchen must-have, the WC6410 will fit perfectly in with any kitchen aesthetic, storing bottles of wine in the ideal conditions for optimal enjoyment. With the combination of state-of-the-art features and outstanding build quality, this is truly a superior product.

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