The 120cm twin dual fuel range cooker is the largest model in the whole of the Britannia range. The stainless steel range cooker comes with 6 ring gas hobs to accommodate different size pans, this means you won’t struggle to fit all of the elements on one hob. This feature is also extremely helpful when you're cooking for many people or lots of elements for one dish. 

Flexible Cooking



Included is also a powerful 2 x 5kW wok burner which is perfect for cooking delicious oriental meals. Also included are two large electric ovens which have 9 cooking functions included within them, some of these functions include a fan assisted which is perfect for cooking food evenly, helpful specifically when batch baking or making pizzas. There are also grill elements in both ovens, an automatic timer and an electric stainless steel griddle, perfect for toasties and crumpets. 

The Delphi 120cm range cooker comes with Britannia’s one of a kind Quickstart feature which allows your range cooker to reach the ideal temperature of 200C in just six minutes. This is around three times faster than most conventional ovens. This feature can take the heat off you in the kitchen, especially when you’re in a rush or cooking for a lot of people at once. 

Other features include a Wok support which will prevent spillage and keep your food steady on the hob, height-adjustable legs to place your range cooker is the perfect place in your kitchen, one-handed ignition for easy use and telescopic sliding runners which are useful for checking on your meal throughout cooking. As well as all of this included is a soft close storage drawer and heavy-duty oven shelves. 

Cooking Capacity 



Have you ever wanted to cook a juicy, succulent piece of meat but are completely unsure when it is cooked through completely? It can be hard to tell but with the 120cm twin dual fuel range cooker’s meat probe the oven will automatically switch off when the meat reaches the desired optimum temperature. 

This range cooker is perfect for large families and for cooking multiple dishes at one time. This is due to the huge cooking potential and generous space, the stunning stainless steel finish will complement any kitchen style and will give your kitchen a gorgeous centrepiece. 

Safety First 



Safety features include a thermostatically controlled fan which will prevent the fascia from overheating. Oven lights allow you to see your food as it’s cooking without opening the doors and releasing any heat or energy. The triple-glazed will prevent your oven doors from overheating which is perfect to have in your kitchen if you have little ones who tend to get their hands on everything. One of the most impressive safety features, however, has to be the flame failure device which will shut off the gas supply if it is unused for a long period. 

Post Cooking & Added Extras

You have had your delicious meal and all you want to do it relax, but what about the washing up?... Oh and the dreaded thought of cleaning the oven. This range cooker has removable oven doors and inner glass panel which allows you to clean the door perfectly on your kitchen countertop rather than bending down and hurting your back and legs. 

There are stay clean liners within the ovens back and sides which will simply burn away any food residue rather than using harsh chemicals on the inside of your oven, saving you the chore altogether.

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